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SyENERGY Clients Can Expect

  • Electrical energy savings up to 60%
  • Professionalism. Demonstrated track record in over 250 plants
  • Eligibility for energy savings based grants
  • Payback periods typically between 1 and 2 years
  • Potential to increase dust collector system capacity
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How It Works | Project Stages

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To find out how the Ecogate system works please click through the slides.

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Medium Plants

Conventional dust collector systems operate at full capacity during operating hours and do not modulate based on actual dust generation at individual workstations. As a consequence, the electric motor(s) of the dust collector draw full power despite the fact that individual workstation activity may be intermittent and consequently not be required. The ECOGATE system captures the opportunity for energy savings on dust collector systems by the following approach:


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Products for Medium Plants

Ecogate motorized gate brochures:

5-18” Galvanized Steel Gates

Ecogate control systems brochures:

GreenBOX 12

Variable Frequency Drive/Motor Control System brochures:



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