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SyENERGY Clients Can Expect

  • Electrical energy savings up to 60%
  • Professionalism. Demonstrated track record in over 250 plants
  • Eligibility for energy savings based grants
  • Payback periods typically between 1 and 2 years
  • Potential to increase dust collector system capacity
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Energy Grants | Measurable Savings

Energy Grants

Energy Grants

Customers can often access government and utility grants and subsidies due to the fact that our systems generate measureable energy savings. In many jurisdictions, the available grants and subsidies can be substantial and dramatically reduce the cost and payback for the system. SyENERGY assists customers with the preparation of required paperwork and supporting documents to obtain approval and payment of applicable grants and subsidies. Contact SyENERGY for a preliminary appreciation of the magnitude of potential grants and subsidies in your area.



Energy Grants

Measurable Savings

SyENERGY’s systems generate recurring energy savings by excellence in integration with existing systems. We also continuously measure and track energy consumption, work to ensure that personnel understand the factors at play in energy performance and have the ability to act in order to maximize it.

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