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SyENERGY Clients Can Expect

  • Electrical energy savings up to 60%
  • Professionalism. Demonstrated track record in over 250 plants
  • Eligibility for energy savings based grants
  • Payback periods typically between 1 and 2 years
  • Potential to increase dust collector system capacity
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Window and Door Manufacturing

Window and Door Manufacturing

Loewen Windows

Even though the Loewen Windows electricity cost is low (served by Manitoba Hydro), it makes sense to install energy saving on-demand ventilation system, because an on-demand system is much smaller (ducts, filters, fans and fan motors are all smaller) and less expensive, This offsets the cost of the necessary equipment for the on-demand systems (gates, sensors, PLC's, variable speed drives). Also important is the fact that Manitoba Hydro can export saved electricity to the USA at higher prices than on the local market (Manitoba Hydro supports this project)


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